Supporting farmers

for 42 harvests

About Us

What do we do?

  • Harvestaire is an Australian owned manufacturer and reseller of aftermarket harvesting and tractor parts – supporting generations of farmers from across the country get the most from their harvest.
  • Harvestaire is committed to manufacturing in Australia, and we fabricate a broad range of harvester and tractor parts out of our West Australian factory. We also source an extensive range of parts from reliable Australian and overseas manufacturers who share our commitment to quality.  
  • Harvestaire also manufactures a popular Lamb Marking Cradle which is demanded by the Australian sheep industry for its reliability and ease of use.
  • We will do whatever is needed to get you back working as quickly as possible.

Our Commitment to Australian Farmers and Dealers

  • We won’t bull dust you. 
  • We know the cost of downtime and Harvestaire only sources quality parts from trusted manufacturers in the USA and Europe. We back this up with a 12 month / 1 season replacement warranty. 
  • We work directly with farmers and through the rural dealer, reseller, and mechanic network to ensure the farmer gets the part they need. 
  • We will get the parts to the farm as quickly and cheaply as possible using reliable 3rd party freight and provide regular updates on the status of your parts.
  • Problems inevitably occur and if we can’t deliver or there has been some delay, we will let you know as soon as possible.

Our History and our Future


  • Harvestaire began in 1980 with the invention of the Blower Front Kit for harvesting drought effected crops, which was a revolution at the time and was eventually licensed and exported around the world. 
  • Other innovations we pioneered included chaff spreading equipment using air, extended fronts to reduce harvest losses in legumes and twin cutter bars to cut the straw twice at harvest time. Harvestaire also adapted replacement parts to suit Australian conditions, including sieves that eliminate wear on wires and easily transportable knives – all manufactured in our West Australian factory.
  • Going forward – we are investing in R&D to introduce new products and make our existing products better and we are constantly looking around the world for other successful farming innovations that can support Australian farmers get the most from their harvest.